It's not ended, it's just different...

As a certified Spiritualist medium my intention is to provide healing and peace thru the knowledge that life continues after the change called death.  My goal is to share evidence from those in Spirit that will help prove that your loved ones never leave you, in fact, after they cross over to the other side they are often more entwined in your life than they were before.

I believe death is a transition (for both the departed and those left behind) to another way of experiencing the world, our senses and each other.  Mediumship opens the door and allows both parties to relate on a higher level creating space for profound healing to occur on every level.

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I am available for appointments in person or over the phone, allowing me to serve spirit without the limitations of distance.

phone: 978-880-7122 

(Please leave a message as I will not answer the phone if I am with a human person <3)


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