I came to Laura to see if she could connect with my mother, Terri, who had passed some years ago.  I was somewhat skeptical at first but the information she came through with were things that nobody else could have known. For example she brought up that my father had an issue with his foot that he had just told me about the previous day.  She even brought my mothers "all over the place" personality through.  I was blown away by this life changing experience.  Thank you so much for helping to heal the pain of loss I felt.  Laura has an incredible gift and I would highly recommend her to anyone hoping to connect with a loved one who has passed.  

Mike Catapano 

Hi Laura!,

 I came to your last gallery, my mother came through and it was the most amazing, most healing and peaceful experience I've ever had. I have never been to a medium before you and I have to say thank you. You being you was so comforting and it made the experience that much better for me. I was never a skeptic but it was so surreal I was in shock for 2 days. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders that night and I couldn't say thank you enough.


Hi Laura,

Thank you for sending this recording.  Your reading for me was very accurate, of course!  It was my dad who you were communicating with.  I was very comforted to hear from him through you affirming in a positive manner some of the events which have occurred since his passing.  


Laura is an amazingly gifted medium who has helped change my life with a reading and weekly meditations.

I am so happy that I met Laura and I can honestly say that I love her for all she has done and continues to do to help me grow spiritually.

Stefanie M.

Simply heartwarming! so glad to hear from loved ones and that they are doing well! Laura is a very kind spirited person and I felt the love all around the Room. I learned so much about my extended family and current family. Such an incredible feeling knowing passed loved ones are safe and watching over every step of the way.

James M.

I had an incredible reading with Laura recently. It was informative, fun and delightful. I can't say enough about Laura's ability to connect with the spirit world. I first met her in Sarasota Florida where she was a visiting medium. I tracked her down and connected with her again a few months again. What a talented and beautiful soul. Thank you Laura for the important messages you provided for me from spirit. I cannot thank you enough. xo

Cindy L.

I definitely recommend Reiki 1 Class!! I'm already feeling the shift in my life and artistic work on week two of my Reiki Attunement/Detox. Its changed my outlook on life in such a positive way that no words can even explain. But the closest example I can give is putting on a pair of new glasses for the first time. Life becomes clearer, brighter, and more exciting. Laura is a fantastic teacher, I couldn't imagine going to anyone or anywhere else. The vibe of her studio is amazing and so is everyone in class. ❤ I definitely coming back for more! XOXO

Ja’rae’ Nobia

There is no way that I can recap everything that Laura Dominick has taught me. I won't even try. I don't think anyone could possibly believe such an amazing story anyway. In a nutshell, the Lessons, Miracles, and evidenced based mediumship, has shown me that life is continuous. I have also learned to live and view life much differently. I am not exaggerating when I say that Laura’s classes and work saved me from myself and the rest of my ugly world. Thank you my friend and Thank you Spirit for never letting me down. <3

Gina B.

Dont think i can thank you enough for your very special gift and time.. it meant everything and more to me. I just feel so much lighter and grateful for everything. You're amazing Laura!!! Xoxo

Courtney M.